As the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump progressed with acrimony and partisan politics playing a central role in the matter of calling relevant witnesses, the soon to be released book by former National Security Adviser John Bolton has become a topic of significance. That book, along with a clear statement from Bolton that he has information relevant to the impeachment and is willing to testify – if subpoenaed – appears to be yet another in a long line of Trump administration tell-all books.

The release date expected for this memoir appears to have been scripted by the gods of top-seller-publishing but that potential reality simply points to the cynical and self-serving nature of power and politics. If Bolton has something relevent to say, and no doubt he has, is it not a bigger responsibility to do so for the sake of truth and the country’s future than standing ceremony on receiving a subpoena?

Like so many others today, he appears to be just another dust jacket patriot waiting to capitalize on his story while it is a hot topic.